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Actually I don’t know what I should write it down. I just feel the urge that i have to write something. Writing is one of a tools that makes me sane..

Several different things happened. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, some of it I can’t really decide either they are good or bad. Sometimes I can’t tell what is my feeling, I just can’t get the right answer to it.

I need to keep myself busy. Busy working? Busy playing? Busy thinking? Busy slacking? I don’t know.

Recently, i received a wall post from a friend. It said :
“Lebih baik lari jauh sampe ditelan bumi, dan muncul kembali dengan berjuta cerita inspiratif. Dari pada cari pelarian, dan kembali berkutat dengan masalah yang sama.” – Mpu Meizal Rossi

Probably, this is the time to set up a new goals. Mid-year goals setting. I’ll think about it.


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