Untitled #10

The moment I read my friend’s message, I kinda had a dejavu.

I’ve been that situation before. We thought we had a same dream, same goal, but still we couldn’t make it. There were a lot of factors that collided with the situations. One of them I can’t do nothing unless waiting. Waiting in vain, like Bob Marley’s song title, probably. I waited long enough while in the end I got nothing left for me.

When it happened for the second time, I had no doubt for it. But once again, it failed.

Sometimes I miss …
Sometimes I wanna talk with …
Sometimes I dream about …

The more I want to forget it, the more that frame of our togetherness crossing over my mind. Then I jumped to one conclusion, I might not be able to get rid of it forever. I have to live with it.

Live with that memories,
The good and bad
The happy and sad
The strong and weak

When my friends asked me, what happened? The tears just running down my face. Now I’m not weap anymore, I could gave my smile and tell them that I’m fine with it.

When I miss … badly, I just recall the good memories.

Ps : I miss …


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