This event is held once in a year and for the last seven years I’ve been participating as one of the facilitators. What I enjoy the most is that actually I learned a lot from the junior high school students. Sometimes I forget how to think simple, sometimes I forget how to laugh for simple and childish jokes, sometimes I forget that I’ve been through what they’ve been through now, and it reminds me how difficult my years at junior high school.

My mind traveled back seven years ago, when I accepted the offer to be a facilitator. At that time, Jesaya, Dion, Adank, and me facilitate this leadership training for Galih, Clive, and Khesyia’s generation. What I remembered, their generation was the best for trustfall. *u guys have to be proud of it.

I dragged my mind back to this year’s training. I don’t realize why Jesaya pointed Khesyia and me to deliver crucial sessions until the end of the training. Jesaya and Adank told shocking news to every one of us at the end of the LDK that this year was the last training that they involved in. We know nothing about this; we never expect this would be happen anytime soon. Well actually both of them had told me personally about this possibility one or two years ago, but I don’t expect it would become a reality this fast.

Both of us, Khesyia and I were shocked a lot and so do the other facilitators and teachers. I was shocked because I know for sure the responsibility is in my hand, I questioned myself “can u do that?”. I can hardly talk, speechless for quite a moment. Khesyia was speechless and finally burst into tears. We felt quite a same feeling. Luckily soon enough, I realized that I have to stay strong (at least in front of Khes). Fyi Khes, after you went home, I keep on questioning myself “Are you ready? Can do make it without Jes and Adank?”. I needed several minutes alone to soothed my mind and finally I felt better. Thanks for reminding me that Jes and Adank were making their hard decision too, Guh.

As one of the facilitators, I learned from the very beginning how to facilitate. I owe many thanks to Jesaya Philip, David Adank, and Dion for taught me everything about LDK. Thanks for the opportunity to deliver a session even starting from a small part such as energizer, games, and assertive session. I still remember all of the participants named me as ‘kakak yang galak’, slightly remember I had to conduct ‘acting’ with Adank every year except this year. I also thank the teachers who have faith in me: Pak Edi, Bu Rati, Bu Vero, Bu Weni, Bu Merry, Pak Andre. Special thanks for this year’s LDK : Jesaya, Adank, Khesyia, Cresti, Rio and Clive. Without all of you guys, we can’t make good leadership training.

As I wrote this, I also want to ask for your help for the following leadership training to Khesyia, Cresti, Rio, Clive, Kevin, and probably several more people. I hope Jesaya, Adank, and Teguh will be my advisors.

Ps: for the participants of LDK OSIS 2009, thanks a lot for being such a nice students. I learned a lot from all of you.


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