random thought!

This is very random, flashing on my mind.
We need competition; I couldn’t agree more, because we live in such a competitive world. If you don’t achieve this, this, and this, you’re a loser. But I don’t think we have to compete in every single aspects of our life. If you’re seeking for a good job, fast carreer promotion, better salary, or even better or probably the best outfit, I can understand. Sometimes we need that kind of achievements. One thing I don’t understand is why people tend to exaggerate something simple? What if I ask someone in his or her expertise to help me? What if I seek help from my friends or my friends of friends? What I think, I would do everything to make this thing better and I can’t do better than this if I don’t ask someone for help, someone in his or her expertise. I just can’t understand what you are thinking about. Is it my fault to seek others help or guidance?

Ps : since yesterday, i just can’t find the answer. maybe there is no answer, but i know more about personality, immature one.


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