It’s been a while. It’s just like yesterday but the real thing is it’s two months ago. I had the commencement on Mei, 8th 2010. The idea being loved was so real when my family and dearest friends surrounded me.

Many things happened in the past two months. I am not able to have my ‘playtime’ whenever I want now. Well surprisingly I’m enjoying what I’m doing right now despite the lack of time for reading, writing, browsing, hanging out, and such.

What I miss the most are reading and hanging out with Nikka. Nikka was stored perfectly in her compartment. Sometimes I feel the urge to grab Nikka and go shooting. But I realized one think, “everything has it’s own time”, so I wait.

The idea of waiting is unbearable. So let’s just make the waiting more fun. How? We had to look at the bright sight. First thing for sure, make a perfect plan for a vacation. Perfect means it fits every condition you have, financially, emotionally, and physically. Then find accompany or you just want to go alone and after that enjoy every single things that will happen in your holiday. By planning the holiday, probably you don’t realize how the time goes by until your departure date.

Go with the flow, like my writings, I did this randomly. Perhaps, I need a break. Hehe..


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