November, 1st 2010

Welcoming November, one of my favourite months. November means Christmas is near, Christmas means holiday is coming soon, and more importantly the first day of November is my birthday.


This year birthday marked something important for me. The older I am, the wiser I may. The older I am, more responsibility were given to me. Ready or not, i’m going to take that responsibility because I know that i’m ready. I’m ready to learn more, much more. I’m ready to make mistakes. I’m ready to take a greater calculated risks. I’m ready to make new things happen in my life.


Receiving hundreds of wishes made me feel very happy. Even the wishes from an unexpected person such as Bu Rahardjo who’s running the “bursa” at Asisi. Hugs and kisses from the loved ones were also delightful.


I’m going to reply all the wishes personally one by one. Since I have to work early in the morning, I thought this note would show my gratitude for my relatives and friends for the wishes. Here are some personal comments:


@mom n dad : am very lucky to have you as my parents, you’re the best.. am not a perfect daughter, yet i’m trying to be better and better in the future


@ariel : my lovely bro, undul.. thanks.. 🙂


@albert : thanks for the surprise! thanks for the wishes!


@elsa : you’re such a great accompany Sa.. am very lucky to have you! *hug


@kaleng: thanks for all the craziness! the phone call even in a wrong time (your apology was accepted, i know because of the time differences, haha). am waiting for my present!!! *big grind..


@wii’s : am so happy to have friends like you guys. you are such a blessing for me.. we’ll meet up soon!


@linda n tika : thanks a lot! all i wanna do now is hug both of you..


@teguh : thanks! i’m speechless when i read your wishes. you made it into a good poem. cool!!! i miss your notes, please write more in the future..


@all : thankssssss abundantly! i’m very lucky to have all of you as my families and friends..



A year ago, on this day, I was send my best friend off for fellowship program. Today, i had a birthday dinner and also a farewell dinner. I was send yabe off (again) for graduate program.



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