(late) birthday note 2012

I wrote this note to express my gratitude to my dear families and friends who did congratulate me on my birthday. It’s very late, I know, but it’s better late than never right? This year’s birthday, engraved me as one-fourth-century old. I realized that I’m young enough to make mistakes but also responsible for it.

Being surrounded by an extraordinary people made me very grateful. Unconsciously, they made me learn about life; both easy and the hard way. This year, I took a special note from my dear auntie, she said, “Today, undoubtedly you are a year older, but you also have to be a wiser woman. Patience is all you need to become wiser”. I visualized my daily life in my mind and I started to realize what does she meant.

I learned the hard way to become more patient. Patient originally means, “Slow to lose temper”. In my case, it included self-control, obedience, and humbleness.

There’s no doubt we tend to have a bad reaction in a bad situation, but actually we do have a choice. We could make a distance and let ourselves to calm down. The withdrawal of presence makes us win over our pride. It gives us time to think clearly what to do next and come out with a winning solution. But the winning solution is not always about to win or right, it also about obedience.

We were born as a human being who had their free will. We tend to be an egoist by nature, but remember, we also a social beings. Solitude was never being an option for us. So, in order to keep the balance with the others, we have to obey; the rules and the authority. It’s hard to obey everything, but it turned out to become easier once you obey. There’s time when the ruler or the authority were wrong, but we still can appeal. Then, it makes the latest problem, are we humble enough to obey and to rule?

Being humble is never easy. It’s a tough job to do and it needs a constant renewal in every aspects of our daily basis.

It’s a rough interpretation of what my aunt’s said to me. I may get it wrong and it’s far from perfection. One thing I know for sure that we cannot stop learning until the day we close our eyes and depart to the eternity. So, we’re here to learn about ourselves in order to make a better society or even better world.

This note is dedicated to a better me, better of all of us. Those whom made my life better everyday, thank you.

November 11, 2012


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